Born in 1959 in Humlebaek, Denmark. Lives and works in Denmark.

1980-1981 Studies of Classic drawing at The Glyptotek in Copenhagen.

1982 .....Privat studio

1983-1985 Student at The Royal Danish Art Academy, Copenhagen

1985-1989 Privat studio

1989-1991 Student at The Royal Danish Art Academy, The Sculpture School of Bjørn Nørgaard.

1992-1993: Creates the exhibitional space ”The Art Corridor Naadada”

1993-1994: Journey towards India; travels through Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Irak, Pakistan.

Since 1982: Numerous workshop participations and studio exhibitions.

Received The State artfond travel legat and Copenhagen's Commune Cultural fond

Member of The Danish Artists Union and UNESCO


A selection of exhibitions, performances and works


Babette's Invitation (Babettes gaestebud), Faelleparken, Copenhagen.

Installation: Labyrints and grass

Interior Design at Kapowe Cafe

The 5 elements, Furniture Design

“The Space of the Future” - a multicultural event.

Sculpture and performance in "The B&W Halle"

“Hello Death”, Gallery Husets, Copenhagen

Charlottenborgs Cenzored Spring 1991Exhibition

“The Five Elements”, Gallery Katharsis


“My life as a Chicken” og “The Big Gambler”, installation og performance, Gallery Goegereden

1996 “Faith and Image”, Betlehemskirken, Copenhagen

1997 “Math 7.7” performance

1997 “Times bookstore and publisher”, Tidens boghandler, Copenhagen

1998 “What´s behind that curtain”, Gallery Katharsis

1998 “Wires”, Gallery Katharsis

1999 “Time”, firste time-search in Gallery Katharsis

1999 "Images of time", Gallery Katharsis

2000 “TIME”, Palazzo Correr, Venedig

2000 “TIME”, Il Baraccano, Bologna

2000 ”TID”, Frederiks Bastion, Copenhagen